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Anxian Century Residence

Anxian Bai Nian Ju is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, collection of ecology and public welfare for the integration of modern funeral building. The main building appearance of Anxian Bai Nian Ju  is based on yuhang-liangzhu-yuzong, means sacrifice.  Bai Nian Ju is a 14-floor-building, covers an area of  more than 30000 square meters, accommodateS more than 70000 cells. It is a major project of promotion of funeral business development. According to the grades of high-rise building design and construction, Bai Nian Ju has smoke alarms, fire sprinklers, each floor monitorings and radio equipments.

There is a large sacrifice table in th southwest of Bai Nian Ju, floor space has been reserved for "private custom" Memorial Hall, to meet different sacrifice needs of customers. Bai Nian Ju building integrates the overall AnXianYuan landscape, it is magnificent, secluded quiet environment, always highlights the art of the cemetery's cultural heritage.

Anxian Bai Nian Ju takes social welfare as a mission, engaged in the development of public sector undertakings, who has been the relocation of hundreds of nameless graves free burial, the interpretation of "virtue ritual sequence" cultural heritage sector.