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Police Soul Park


Recalling the past, for the liberation and peace of the motherland, for the independence and rejuvenation of the nation, for the freedom and happiness of the people, for the stability and progress of the society, for the harmonious development of Yinchuan, the numerous revolutionary martyrs who have heroically dedicated their lives and many deceased respected Leaders at all levels and labor models have left a glorious page in the monument of history. Among them, a group of outstanding people's policemen represented by the "4•20" martyrs collective, facing fierce criminals, withstanding the severe test of life and death, blood and fire, building up a group of heroic monuments of people's policemen with their lives and blood. The Police Soul Park covers an area of 5.5 mu, and the monument is 9 meters high, engraved with seven characters of “Red Heart and Blood for the People” on it to commemorate their great achievements, inherit their revolutionary spirit, and carry forward their patriotic feelings, national integrity, heroism and dedication, to educate the future generations.