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Characteristic garden
  • The Memorial Park of Dedicators of Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs and Man-made Satellite

    In the history of the new China's national defense, a group of countries' science and technology pillars have long been hidden from the public's vision

  • Supporting-Ningxia Stories Park

    Ningxia has been an immigrant area since ancient times, generations of the Supporting-Ningxia people have injected vitality into the land of Ningxia through the knowledge and wisdom. Their history of Supporting-Ningxia reflects the development track of Ningxia from another aspect.

  • Dachen Mountain Cultural Landscape Ecological Park

    Dachenshan Cultural Landscape Ecological Park combines the natural ecology of Zunyi with the regional culture of Bozhou

  • New Ecological Art Park

    In the form of ecological environmental protection and art garden combination, integration of various ecological funeral methods with the spirit of modern civilization

  • Police Soul Park

    Recalling the past, for the liberation and peace of the motherland, for the independence and rejuvenation of the nation, for the freedom and happiness of the people

  • The Memorial Park of Anti-Japanese Veterans in Zhejiang

    The Memorial Park of Anti-Japanese Veterans in Zhejiang is a patriotism education base in Zhejiang established to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War

  • Christian Garden

    The western-style chapel has simple lines, thick and solid shapes, bright colors, and a sharp spire: a cross

  • Ningxia Celebrities’ Forest

    “Ningxia Celebrities’ Forest” takes the creation of “Cultural Tourism Cemetery” as the overall development goal